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All sights on Lake Tegernsee at a glance

Around Lake Tegernsee there are some wonderful sights that are always worth a visit.

Tegernsee Castle

The town of Tegernsee features the castle of the same name, which dates from the 8th century and was formerly a Benedictine monastery, hence its original name "Kloster Tegernsee". On Lake Tegernsee, the former monastery church of St. Quirin is a popular destination for excursions. However, the crypt of the Wittelsbach family, who own the castle, cannot be visited. The most famous person in the crypt is probably Duchess Ludovika of Bavaria, wife of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria and mother of Empress Sissi.

Events and festivals

The people of Lake Tegernsee like to celebrate in grand style. Particularly popular are the traditional and centuries-old cattle drives, in which the magnificently decorated cattle are driven down from the mountain pastures at the end of September under the loud ringing of the bells worn by the animals. The elaborate decoration, consisting of ribbons, wreaths, crowns and bells, is intended to protect the farmers and their cattle from evil spirits and at the same time express their gratitude for the good year and rich harvest.

Another traditional event is the yearly hoisting of a maypole on May 1st, which marks the beginning of spring and is a symbol for fertility. When the maypole is raised by 12 noon it’s time to celebrate with music and dance into May.

The area around Lake Tegernsee awaits you with countless other events – let yourself be enchanted!

The Sibli waterfall

One of the most imposing sights on Lake Tegernsee is the Sibli waterfall. The hike starts at the Kistenwinterstuben parking space for hikers in Enterrottach. After a 20-minute walk you’ll catch sight of the 10- to 15-metre high Sibli waterfall, which offers a truly impressive natural spectacle.

The Carriage Museum in Rottach-Egern

Time travel is a fantasy? Definitely not! The Carriage Museum in Rottach-Egern takes you on a journey into the past of transportation. The 700m² museum is housed in the Gsotthaber Hof farm and enchants with the flair of past centuries. Children can discover the museum and the exhibition in a playful way with all their senses. In addition to the permanent exhibition we recommend having a look at the ever-changing special exhibitions.

Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Visit the event page of the Tegernsee tourism board – they always have great tips in store for you!